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Your supplier for high quality process equipment in Western Canada

  • BRAN+LUEBBE metering pumps
  • API 675 controlled volume metering pumps
  • Injection/Dosing/Metering application
  • Double diaphragm or packed plunger style
  • Diaphragm rupture monitoring standard
  • Flows to 13,000 USGPH
  • Pressure to 17,000 PSI
  • Manual/Automatic stroke control option
  • Simplex or multiplex configuration
  • API 674 Novaplex process pumps
B and L pumps

  • BRAN+LUEBBE pump systems
  • Custom fabricated pump skid packages
  • Turn-key solutions to fit your needs
  • Reduce your costs and increase productivity
  • Automation with remote control available
  • All industries experience:
    Oil&Gas, Chemical, Power&Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food&Beverage
B and L pump systems

  • FLOWGUARD Pulsation Dampeners
  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Suction Stabilizers
  • Surge Absorbers
  • Thermal / Volume Expansion Compensators
Flowguard Dampener

  • PLENTY Screw pumps
  • API 676 twin&triple rotor screw pumps
  • Designated for lubricants, oils, heavy liquids
  • Fluid transfer, distribution, truck tanker loading
plenty screw pump

  • PLENTY Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Sliding vane pumps for viscous fluids
  • Fixed or variable flow design
  • Capable to handle viscosities up to 950,000 cSt
plenty vane pump

  • JAECO small metering pumps
  • Electronic-pulsed solenoid diaphragm pumps
  • Single diaphragm and packed plunger pumps
  • Agriculture injection pumps
JAECO pump

  • HERMETIC canned motor sealless pumps
  • Canned motor and magnetic drive sealless pumps
  • Pumping severe toxic, hazardous or extreme fluids
  • For difficult chemical / petrochemical / refrigeration applications
  • Centrifugal single stage / multistage or submerged pumps

  • DISCFLO Slurry Pumps
  • Hard to pump applications
  • Rotating ribbed disc
  • Pumping solids, viscous, abrasive, shear sensitive fluids and emulsions
  • Pumping fluids with entrained air and gas
  • Compliance with API 610, ANSI, Industrial, Sanitary 3A standard
  • Horizontal, vertical, submersible, self-priming

  • UET industrial tank mixers
  • Top/Side/Bottom Entry Agitators
  • Portable or Permanent Installation
  • Direct/Gear/Belt Driven
  • Various Propeller Styles
tank mixer

  • MAGNA-SAFE seal-less magdrive mixers
  • Top / side / bottom entry seal-less mixers
  • Small scale & Large scale size
  • Magnetic drive ZERO emissions mixing
  • Long life time with minimum maintenance
tank mixer

  • SULZER-CHEMTECH Static Mixers
  • High efficiency inline motionless mixers
  • Low pressure drop, short mixer length
  • Variety of materials and mixing elements
  • Sizes from 1/4" to 72" diameter
sulzer mixer

  • AMAR autoclaves high pressure reactors
  • High pressure autoclave reactors with/without seal-less agitator
  • Gas induction and Vapour phase reactors
  • Fluid extraction systems
  • Corrosion testing systems
  • Heating / cooling circulators
  • Shaker hydro-generators
Amar autoclave

  • APC Technologies Enviro
  • Air emission/pollution reduction systems
  • Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems
  • CarbonPure Adsorption systems
  • Thermal/Catalytic Purification Oxidizers
  • Venturi/Gas Purification Scrubbers
APC carbon pure system

  • RENERGA solar panels
  • Photovoltaic solar power plants
  • Solar energy accumulators and charging stations
  • Complete solar driven systems for any rotating equipment
  • Highly engineered turnkey solar farms
RENERGA solar power plant

  • PLUG POWER hydrogen fuel cells
  • ProGen hydrogen fuel cell engines
  • GenDrive hydrogen drivers
  • GenSure hydrogen charged back-up power stations
Plug power hydrogen cell